We collect and concentrate monocytes, white blood cells, from the patient’s peripheral blood tissue, in an autologous manner.
This operation does not cause pain or secondary effects to the patient


Monobest®, is based on the use of the autologous cell line of mononuclear cells (PBMNC – Peripheral Blood Mono-Nuclear Cells) containing monocytes.

Monobest® aims to obtain a biologically autologous product through a controlled and certified process in terms of pharmaceutical quality (GMP).

This product represents the body of our expertise concerning the best functional use of Monoclonal Cells, drawn from the peripheral blood of the self-same patient.

Clinical studies with filtration or pheresis concentration systems have shown that this concentrate plays a decisive role in treating chronic ischemic and inflammatory diseases.

The described process is currently considered the “state of the art”, as far as this type of biomedical technology is concerned.

The finished product is developed in clean rooms certified for processing tissues and cells, employing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) procedures with pharmaceutical quality, in line with the most recent regulations in force.

The pharma-grade processing of Monobest®, with the highest quality and safety standards, guarantees a result which is not dependent on the operator.
The separation of useful biological elements and the elimination of functionally unnecessary components is fundamental.

The main biological mechanisms of action of this therapy have been identified as:

  • strong angiogenic and arteriogenic effect in ischemic tissues (formation of new blood vessels)
  • immunomodulatory effect able to resolve the biological cycle based on chronic inflammation of the tissues (anti-inflammatory mechanism)
  • important chemotaxis effect able to recruit stem cells to regenerate tissues
  • demonstrated ability of Monoclonal Cells, taken from the patient’s peripheral blood, to take on a direct role of plastic stem cells to regenerate tissues

The therapy developed by Quantix Swiss